Electronics & Electrical Engineering (EEE) Major Projects

Top 50 Major Projects for B.Tech - EEE students. Complete Abstract
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001 A Single-Stage Photovoltaic System for a Dual-Inverter-Fed Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drive for Pumping Applications Abstract
002 An Enhanced Voltage Sag Compensation Scheme for Dynamic Voltage Restorer Abstract
003 Robust Control for Microgrid Frequency Deviation Reduction With Attached Storage System Abstract
004 Intelligent Control System for Microgrids Using Multiagent System Abstract
005 Reduction of Power Electronic Elements in Multilevel Converters Using a New Cascade Structure Abstract
006 Suitable Single-Phase to Three-Phase AC–DC–AC Power Conversion System Abstract
007 Optimum design of low-voltage distributed photovoltaic systems oriented to enhanced fault ride through capability Abstract
008 Elimination of DC-Link Current Ripple for Modular Multilevel Converters With Capacitor Voltage Balancing Pulse-Shifted Carrier PWM Abstract
009 Cascaded Control System of the Modular Multilevel Converter for Feeding Variable-Speed Drives Abstract
010 A Wireless Charging System Applying Phase-Shift and Amplitude Control to Maximize Efficiency and Extractable Power Abstract
011 Grid Voltage Synchronization for Distributed Generation Systems Under Grid Fault Conditions Abstract
012 New Three-Phase Symmetrical Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter Abstract
013 Five-Level Inverter Using POD PWM Technique Abstract
014 A Hybrid Filter for the Suppression of Common-Mode Voltage and Differential-Mode Harmonics in Three-Phase Inverters With CPPM Abstract
015 A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter With Fault Blocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects Abstract
016 A New Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Abstract
017 A Quad Two-Level Inverter Configuration for Four-Pole Induction-Motor Drive with Single DC Link Abstract
018 An Improved iUPQC Controller to Provide Additional Grid-Voltage Regulation as a STATCOM Abstract
019 An Observer-Based Optimal Voltage Control Scheme for Three-Phase UPS Systems Abstract
020 Analysis and Mitigation of Resonance Propagation in Grid-Connected and Islanding Micro-grids Abstract
021 Analysis of the Phase-Shifted Carrier Modulation for Modular Multilevel Converters Abstract
022 Control Strategy for Improved Dynamic Performance of Variable-Speed Drives With Modular Multilevel Converter Abstract
023 Distributed Voltage Control with Electric Springs: Comparison with STATCOM Abstract
024 Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion Systems With Integrated Active Filter Capabilities Abstract
025 Enhanced Phase-Shifted PWM Carrier Disposition for Interleaved Voltage-Source Inverters Abstract
026 Hybrid Active Filter With Variable Conductance for Harmonic Resonance Suppression in Industrial Power Systems Abstract
027 Induction Motor Control With a Small DC-Link Capacitor Inverter Fed by Three-Phase Diode Front-end Rectifiers Abstract
028 Intelligent Islanding and Seamless Reconnection Technique for Micro-grid With UPQC Abstract
029 Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter With Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications Abstract
030 Performance of Three Phase II-level Inverter with reduced number of switches using different PWM Techniques Abstract
031 Power Controllability of a Three-Phase Converter With an Unbalanced AC Source Abstract
032 Predictive Torque Control Scheme for Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives With DC-Link Voltages Offset Suppression Abstract
033 Primary Frequency Control Contribution From Smart Loads Using Reactive Compensation Abstract
034 PV-Active Power Filter Combination Supplies Power to Nonlinear Load and Compensates Utility Current Abstract
035 Seventeen-Level Inverter Formed by Cascading Flying Capacitor and Floating Capacitor H-Bridges Abstract
036 The Modular Multilevel Converter for High Step-Up Ratio DC–DC Conversion Abstract
037 Three-Phase Multilevel PFC Rectifier Based on Multistate Switching Cells Abstract
038 Single Phase Hybridised Seven-Level Inverter Abstract
039 Analysis of High Performance Multilevel Converter Fed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor drive Abstract
040 Analysis of Two Single Phase DC-AC Multi-level Converters with Multiple DC Sources Abstract
041 Performance Analysis of Thyristor Controlled series Compensator Abstract
042 Decoupled Active and Reactive Power Control for Large-Scale Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Using Cascaded Modular Multilevel Converters Abstract
043 Integration of Wind Power and Wave Power Generation Systems Using a DC Microgrid Abstract
044 Impedance and Damping Characteristics of Grid-Connected VSCs With Power Synchronization Control Strategy Abstract
045 Transient Stability and Voltage Regulation in Multimachine Power Systems Vis-à-Vis STATCOM and Battery Energy Storage Abstract
046 A Grid-Connected Dual Voltage Source Inverter With Power Quality Improvement Features Abstract
047 Pre-charging and DC Fault Ride-Through of Hybrid MMC Based HVDC Systems Abstract
048 A Novel Load Adaptive ZVS Auxiliary Circuit for PWM Three-Level DC–DC Converters Abstract
049 Under pipe travelling robot to detect Gas line leakage and RFID address navigation to cloud over IoT Abstract
050 A Step-up Resonant Converter for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Sources Abstract
051 High-Frequency-Fed Unity Power-Factor AC–DC Power Converter With One Switching Per Cycle Abstract
052 Hybrid-Type Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter With High Efficiency Abstract
053 Interleaved Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter With Transformer Winding Series–Parallel Autoregulated (SPAR) Current Doubler Rectifier Abstract
054 Optimal Decentralized Voltage Control for Distribution Systems With Inverter-Based Distributed Generators Abstract
055 A Novel High Step-up DC/DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications Abstract
056 Design Considerations of a Fault Current Limiting Dynamic Voltage Restorer (FCL-DVR) Abstract
057 Hybrid Multicarrier Modulation to Reduce Leakage Current in a Transformerless Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems Abstract
058 A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System using Double-port Interface in a Micro grid Abstract