Computer Science Engineering (CSE) JAVA Mini Projects

Top 50 Mini Projects for B.Tech - CSE students.
S. No Project Title Download Abstract
001 Pay Roll Management System Abstract
002 Web Reporting Process Abstract
003 Investor Self Service Application Abstract
004 Personal Assistance Abstract
005 Detecting the Malicious Apps in Social Networks Abstract
006 Fraud Mobile Ranking Abstract
007 E-Desk Abstract
008 Loan Amortizer Abstract
009 Global Communication Media Abstract
010 E-Commerce Shopping Kart Abstract
011 Online Pharmacy Finder Abstract
012 City Vehicle and Traffic Control System Abstract
013 E-Insurance Abstract
014 Library Management System Abstract
015 Maintaining database of beneficiaries of government medical schemes Abstract
016 Active City Administration Abstract
017 Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal Abstract
018 Employee Resource Info systems Abstract
019 Bug Tracking for Improving Software Reliability Abstract